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Looking for a Artist Studio?

Posted in Uncategorized by Scott @ Rise Art on August 4, 2010
Adriaen van Ostade, Selfportrait

Adriaen van Ostade, Selfportrait (1663)

Ever though about or dreamed of having the perfect studio space to create your worked but dismissed the idea given the expense? We know that often, artists studios are no more than a corner of a room, spare shed or other place where conditions are less then optimal. As collectors we have also visited artists studios where the artist is clearly not excited about their surroundings. While not everyone can afford to have a work space as grand as Damien Hirst’s old production factory, the artist studio can have a wide reaching impact on an artists productivity, mindset and present opportunities for open-studios, sales and connecting with other artists.

With enough drive and ambition, any artist can find studio space on the cheap, especially given today’s economy. There are some great resources out there that help artists find, or even exchange studio space. Here are some of the many resources for artists looking for their next home for creating art:

1. Artquest provides a detailed list of artists’ studios in the UK. The best part is, that they are already subdivided into the following categories: visual arts and crafts, sculpture, lens based, live art, printmaking, new media and creative businesses, thereby making it easier to browse depending on ones requirements. Worth checking back often as they get new postings frequently.

2. Ever thought of going abroad for a while? Artelier, which is also part of Artquest, is an online network for visual artists enabling them to safely find and negotiate studio and apartment swops online. Using the resource, you might find someone, who wants to exchange your space agains his or her own for a while. In order to make use of Artelier, one needs to be registered and the registration needs to be approved of, in order to ensure security of the community.

3. On movethat a forum has been created, where artists can exchange information, among others about studio lets. There are often short term and long term opportunities, providing resourceful artists with means to connect directly with one another.

4. A-N has compiled a downloadable directory stating artists resources, which from page 21 onwards outlines contacts of artist studios and workshops for diverse media.

5. On the Artreview online network artists created  a group called studio space London, which is not always very active, but the members are friendly, welcoming and helpful. Worth setting up a profile and listing what you need.


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  1. Silvia said, on August 5, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Hi. I rent an arts studio from ASC (Artists Studio Company), charity providing affordable studios across London. Mine is in Bromley by Bow, and since I moved there some time ago, I’m very happy there. If you want to see my studio go to my blog, where I have some images of it.


    Good luck !

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