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For Artists: How to fill calmer periods of time productively

Posted in Uncategorized by Scott @ Rise Art on September 8, 2010

As artist, work is generally rather project-based, often involving stressful periods of work followed by a calmer period of time.

Whatever the reason might be, during these calmer times, artists find themselves with extra time on their hands. At Rise Art, we have compiled a list of little projects to fill this time productively.

  1. Look online for opportunities. With the Internet, a great amount of opportunities for artists is published online and who knows, you might find a competition or group show you wish to apply for. Among the great amount of sites listing opportunities, at Rise Art, we particularly like the following: Artquest Opportunties, London Artist Quarter, Workhound, Saatchi Forum.
  2. Create a list of galleries. Just keep in mind your work needs to fit into the concept of the galleries, hence the galleries should be showing work similar to your own. Once you have a list:
  3. Update your Portfolio and CV before contacting the gallery. It is crucial to keep your portfolio up-to-date, as you will develop your style over time. Once this is done, you can:
  4. Approach the Galleries of which you have made a list.
  5. Update your website or blog. If you have not got online presence, we suggest you start creating an online presence – see this blog entry for further information.
  6. Attend or host a workshop. Is there a medium you have always wanted to play around with but never got around to do so? Or you are confident enough about teaching and would enjoy giving lessons or a week-end workshop?
  7. Clean out and organise your studio. Like clearing out a wardrobe, throw out or give away old brushes, paint and other gadgets you have not used for a long time. If needs be, put your paperwork in order, too.
  8. Do your taxes. No one enjoys doing them, but we all have to do them at some point – so why not start now? Did you know you could do it online? Click here for HRMC homepage
  9. Visit museums and galleries. Visits to cultural institutions might not only be inspiring, but also great networking opportunities.

As artists, you surely have experienced calmer periods of time – how have you made the most out of them? Please share your experiences and advice with the Rise Art community!


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